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Anthony Braxton

      The Tri-Centric Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation started by MacArthur Award-winning composer/educator Anthony Braxton and a board of the Northeast's working musicians, academics, and administrators. Its mission is based on the premise that musical principles inform and are informed by sociocultural and philosophical dynamics; and that music education and practice can be a vital force in learning to adapt to and positively influence today's rapidly changing world. The mission is therefore to establish a regular, ongoing ensemble, based in New York, to stage performances of Mr . Braxton's musical, multimedia and interdisciplinary works;

and to seek out and support the spirit of originality and creativity these works celebrate where it exists in others. This mission is pursued through internships and workshops in community alliances with educational and other youth service institutions; and through publishing and recording the writings and music of scholars and musicians who are emerging as promising torchbearers of that spirit.
Steve Lacy
      Senators is a non-profit association which aim is to promote Steve Lacy's music among musicians and connoisseurs. Its tools are the supplying of music scores to musicians; the publishing of music books, and any means able to help promoting Steve Lacy's work. Moreover, Senators is the exclusive representative of Steve Lacy's rights, as a composer and as an author.

le jazz sur internet

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